You always need a good slide at the foul line. Slip your shoe slide over the toe/sole of your sliding shoe for totally free movement when you need it.

One size fits all
  #: 375AA3299160

Improve your griping power! All you need is the original tape. AMF's. And now, it's back in its reconizable original packaging! There's a reason our tape is still the leader. It's specially designed to customize your hole size. Apply to the inside of each finger or thumb hole. And look for our bright Yellow. It's back!
  Sizes and colours:
3/4" Black Vending, 6 pcs. per box

1" Black Vending, 6 pcs. per box

3/4" White Vending, 6 pcs. per box

1" White Vending, 6 pcs. per box

3/4" Black dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

1" Black dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

3/4" White dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

1" White dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

3/4" Neon dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

1" Neon dispenser, 30 pcs. per box

3/4" Black, 500-Piece Buck Roll

1" Black, 500-Piece Buck Roll

3/4" White, 500-Piece Buck Roll

1" White, 500-Piece Buck Roll

3/4" Neon, 500-Piece Buck Roll

1" Neon, 500-Piece Buck Roll

You can't do without this handy tool. It's curved to fit the contour of the holes in the ball. Bowler's tape goes in easily
  #: 375AA3199160











  • Form-Fitting, contour design shapes accurately to wrist, palm and forearm.
  • Lightweight, firm wrist support maintains wrist in the proper "in line" position.
  • Fits and feels like a glove
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL
    Colours: Royal, Black and Navy
  # 37544 R (Right hand)
# 37544 L (Left hand)


  • Redesigned and improved with removable wrist and palm inserts to customize the feel and fit.
  • A luxurious wrist support with all the added comfort of soft, supple genuine leather.
  • Attractively stitched with easy on-off Velcro closures for that "just right" feeling.
  • Sizes: S, M, L and XL Colour: Black
  # 37546S





  • Features removable wrist and palm inserts for custom feel and fit.
  • Stay cool and comfortable with breathable Denier Polyester fabric for long lasting play.
  • Uses the same genuine design of the Wrist Master II
  • Sizes: S, M, L and XL
    Colours: Royal, Black and Navy
  # 37544ER


  • More desirable features make this glove ideal for serious bowlers.
  • Adjustable tension wrist support provides additional control.
  • Long lasting super-grip fabric on palm extends around finger for maximum contact. Breathable elastic fabric and finger gussets assure a snug comfortable fit.
  • Sizes: S, M, L or XL Colours: Royal black and Navy
  # 375047 R (Right hand)
# 375047 L (Left hand)


  • The Power Paw Pro has an innovative design that will automatically turn your wrist to provide added lift which results in maximum length and backend reaction.
  • Sizes: regular and XL R (Right Hand) or L (Left hand) Colours: Grey
  # 37545





  • Finest quality, super absorbent terry velour, stitched back to back for maximum dryness and comfort.
  • May be worn under any wrist support.
  • Light weight, and fully washable; easy on-off.
  • Sizes: one size fits all Colours: Assorted
  # 375073 (Short)
# 375073L (Long)
GRIP AIDS        




Rosin Bag

  • The non slip gripping power of rosin in a convenient, vinyl carrying pouch.
  • Fits easily in pocket, purse or bag.
  • Available in assorted colours.
  • One dozen units per display.
  # 375151




Rosin Pack

  • For extra grip and control.
  • Each bag is individually packaged in a eusable zip-lock poly bag.
  • Attractive, compact display box hold one dozen units.
  # 375160




Keeps hands dry and in control.
Provides a better grip for a more effective Release. Made in 100% woven terry velour to remove moisture quickly with no residue build-up.
One dozen in assorted colours

# 375166



Skin Patch

  • The perfect "liquid bandage" that's waterproof, fast drying and transparent.
  • Complete kit includes compact plastic "see thru" carrying pouch, 1/4 oz.
  • Bottle of Skin Patch with applicator brush, cotton, quantity of patches.
  • Individually packaged 12 or 24 units per box.
  # 375154D (12 Units)
# 375154 (24 Units)



Grip Sac

  • Extra-large Jumbo Grip Sac keeps hands dry for better performance.
  • No sticky build-up or tacky residue.
  • Removes moisture quickly and effectively. Individually packaged in a clear, reusable, zip-lock poly bag.
  • One dozen units per display box
  • Colour: black and Royal Blue
  # 375165



  ProPOLISH PLUS Cleaning Polish

is an exceptional new one-step cleaner/polisher that instantly
cleans and polishes the surface of all particle coverstock and resin balls. ProPOLISH PLUS will restore your ball's original tackiness for maximum length and backend reaction
4 fluid ounce bottle
  # 375412


  ProPOLISH Ball Polish

s a powerfull new high-performance polish for all particle coverstock and resin bowling balls. ProPOLISH Ball Polish with its non abrasive formula instantly shines and conditions your ball for increased length and improved backend reaction 4 fluid ounce bottle
  # 375413



High Performance Ball Cleaner

  • Maximum strength formula for today's modern equipment.
  • Instantly cleans plastic, urethane and reactive ball surfaces.
  • Safely removes oil, dirt and belt or lift wheel marks.
  • Cleans ball to original finish for optimal performance.
  • 4 fluid ounce bottle.

  # 375311



Color Concentrate Kit
  • Provides convenience and reliability in colour selection for use with all ball plugs.
  • Color coordinates with all the most popular bowling colours.
  • Kit contains mixing cup and stir sticks
  # 375760


  • A premium grade ball plug that meets Pro Shop demands, compatible with all balls, creates a positive, permanent bond and will not shrink, cure in about 4 hours without pin-holes or air bubbles, has high impact resistance, incredibly durable perfectly clear compound with excellent color acceptance 3:1 ratio mix; available in two gallon kits in black,clear or mix; includes cups and stir sticks, individual 1/2 gallon also available
  # 375756.BLK - Black
# 375756.CLR - Clear
# 375756.HRD - Hardener



Pro Deluxe Accessory Case

  • Constructed in rugged black tear-resistant Denier Polyester fabric, this durable case has heavy-duty zippers with double reinforced seams
  • Two-zippered wet/dry compartments, zip-front pocket and see-thru mesh rear pouch
  # 375608




The Original Buff-a-Ball

  • Protect your bowling ball with the perfect buffer/polisher/cleaner
  • Made of finest quality extra strong, heavy-duty, napped flannel in a generous size for easier handling
  • Extra large, fully washable individualy packaged
  # 375149 - White,
# 375149.BLK - Black


  Classic Pitch Gauge
  • Determines forward, reverse and the side pitches on bowling ball holes
  • Used by the pros to define problems and remedy drilling inconsistences
  • Spring loaded, highly accurate and consistant; Set of three to fit all hole sizes
  # 375788


Shoe Covers
  • Designed to be the best; the only shoe cover with an inner fleece lining.
  • Expandable bootie fabricated of durable waterproof material prevents water, oil and grime from building up on shoes
    Colors: Black & Navy
  # 375319S, M, L or XL




This powdered rosin formula is exclusive to Columbia™! Use it for extra gripping power. Your hands get in shape and stay in shape. They're tacky, dry and poised to deliver. Available in individual packets. The plastic bags keep the rosin fresh and ready for action
Display Carton (1 dozen)
# COLOP1499160

Display Card (1 dozen)
# COLOP1899160


This conditioner sure dries! Seal in those firm grips and be confident of smooth releases. Our special powdered formula absorbs moisture to improve your grip and conditiones your hands for a perfect release. Packaged individually in an easy-to-use plastic bag.
  Display Carton (1 dozen)
# COLOP1099160

This Grip Cream is our original formula, and it just keeps working. We came up with it to give players a good, solid grip. It absorbs moisture to the max and keeps hands and fingers tacky.
  Display Carton (1 dozen)
# COLOP0499160
A good, strong brassy brush makes quick work of dirt and grimy stuff. It cleans your shoes in an instant, so it won't interrupt the rythm of your game. It also renews shoes and revives the soles. you won't skip a slide.
  Display Carton (1 dozen)
# COLOT1399160


Residue from tape and black marks are inevitable. With these little miracle towelettes, you can clean out ball holes and wipe away those marks. Individually packaged.
  Display Carton (100 packages)
# COLOS4399160

Put more wim and vigor into the sliding perfrmance of your thumb and sliding shoe. The special formula abolishes sticky thumb holes and approaches. And it's a terrific value! You use only a little at the time. Your suplly will last forever. Well, almost.
  Display Carton (1 dozen)
# COLOT1499160
When you dull urethane and reactive resin balls need restoring, grab your Degree Dull. It not only restores the look, it invigorates their performance on oily lanes, improving consistency. Dirt and grime, oil and balt burns have no defense against Degree Dull. And it's kind to your budget. A one-quart bottle will clean more than 100 balls! Also, being biodegradable, it's kind to the environment. Approved for USBC-sanctioned league events.
  Carton (12-4 oz. bottles)
# COLOR9599160
Individual Quart Bottle
# COLOR7199160


The shine your balls gest from Degree Shine is more than skin-deep. You'll notoce more shine in performance. This high-gloss, smooth-finish polish actually results in more skid and hook delay. i's especially successfull in medium-to-dry lane conditions. Approved for USBC-sanctioned competition.
  Carton (12-4 oz. bottles)
# COLOR9499160
Individual Quart Bottle
# COLOR7099160

We not only recommend this polish. We use it! And frequently! It's high powered and especially effective after resurfacing. You can buy the whole kit or yhe individual quart bottles. Each bottle comes with a yorker spout. Kits include on quart bottle of each grip formulation, four foam finishing pads and four yorker spouts.
Individual Quart Bottle
320 Oily
# COL0S0299160
600 Medium to Oily
# COL0S0399160
1200 Medium to Dry
# COL0S0499160
2000 Dry
# COL0S9999160
Complete Degree Ball Polish Kit 320,600,1200,2000
# COL0R0199160
(Coverstock Performance Resuscitation)
Bring your ball back to life with CPR. Our patented synthetic polymer formula acts like a microscopic sponge to absorb both dirt and oil from the surfaces of reactive and particle balls to restore performance and renew appearance. qgqive your investement the treatment it needs while boosting your game with CPR. Available in single-treatment packages and the new 15-treatment Pro Shop Kit (kit includes a 15 oz. jar of CPR, 1 scoop, 15 polybags and twist ties.)
CPR Pro Sop Kit (15 treatments)
# COLOT0899160
CPR Single Treatment Carton
# COLOT0999160


You'll wonder ow you ever got along without this pampering sling. Your ball gets a tender, loving treatment while you carry it. The nap of the flannel removes excess oil with a gentle motion. And the sling itself it easy to kkep clean. Just throw it in the washing machine. Game after game, wahs after wash, it stands up to wear and retains its strenght. Indeividually packaged.
  1 Dozen
# COLOT1099160

No tugging. No frustrations. This tool is a smooth operator. Finger inserts glide out. Push the blade into the hole, twist 180° and pull. The 31/32" diameter blade cuts between the ouside of the insert and the inside perimeter of the finger hole with uncanny accuracy. Players and pro shop operators can't be without theirs.
Insert Puller
# COLOS0899160
Our Classic Leather Glove works in all the right places. for your wristn it delivers the perfect angle and adds strenght. The clean thumb delivery can get the win. And it'll be forever yours in durable genuine leather that's comfortably lightweight. Black-on-black accented with our logo. For right-handed players and petites. Sold individually in a snappy wrap.
  X Large
# COL23550120
# COL23550130
# COL23550140
# COL23550150
# COL23550160
Only right-handed


Our Classic Vinyl Glove works in all the right places. for your wristn it delivers the perfect angle and adds strenght. The clean thumb delivery can get the win. And it'll be forever yours in durable vinyl that's comfortably lightweight. Black-on-black accented with our logo. For right-handed players and petites. Sold individually in a snappy wrap.
  X Large
# COL23450120
# COL23450130
# COL24550140
# COL24550150
Only right-handed

Be a control freak! Our Power Tac™ Plus gives your wrist power-plus and a dependable lift. The TACkified rubber palm and fingers do the trick. The metal wrist support keeps your wrist in championship position at release point. For maximum support and fit, there's the elaxtic wrist cuff. Strechable spandex finger gussets and back let your hands breathe and stay relaxed. Our Power Tac™ Plus slips on and easily with the 2" elastic hook and loop closure. For styl, it's got our sleek Columbia 300® logo! In genuine leather. Black-on-black. Sold individually.
  X Large
# COL2362130
# COL2362140
# COL2362150
# COL2362160
Only right-handed
This glove is in a class by itself. It gives you a super controlled grip and muscle power for lift and revs. I's the perfect partner for your hand. With features in abundance. TACkified rubber palm and fingers and an elastic wrist cuff. Two-way spandex finger gussets that keeps your hand free from damaging blisters and calluses. It's easy to slip on and off with the 1 1/2 elactic hook and loop closure. And it looks sharp with our oval logo. Genuine leather in black.
  X Large
# COL023802130
# COL023802140
# COL023802150
# COL023802160
Only right handed


this lively, mittle tote serves a big need. With three main compartments to keep your stuff organized and within reach. Add a big front pocket, a full-size mesh pocket and a zipped pocket with three inside pockets! And it's got style. Comes ready to use, with arosin bag, a 4-oz. bottle of Degree Shine, Tape Residue Remover Packets, 13 Grip Tape in black and white, a Flexi-Patch Blister Cover and a brass wire brush. In 600 denier nylon.
Bag with accessories
# COLO1B0048990



Every bowler needs our handly, slip-on shoe protectors. When you're not playing, they shield your bowling shoes from spills and floor gunk. Expandable 420 denier nylon slips on and off easily. Water-repellent. In black with our logo in white. Sizes: SM-XL. Each pair individually packaged.
  X Large
# COLOR01478130
# COLOR01478140
# COLOR01478150
# COLOR01478160

Can get enough sliding power? This is the boost you need. Simply slip it over the toe and sole of your sliding shoe. In black with red heel strap, black logo on strap and white Columbia logo on top. One size fits all
  Package (1 dozen)
# COLOR202990
Microfiber at its best! It does not tolerate grime, oil or sweat. In fact, it absorbs seven times its weight in moisture and oil. With the Wipe Out Rub, balls perform better and last longer! Get the towel wet, and it dries in no time. And even with punishing use, Wipe Out lasts and lasts. Machine washable, dryer safe.
  # COLOP2231599


You can use this classy towel anywhere. Soft, long-lasting 100% cotton sdoaks up the moisture. its excellent quality will stand up to wear and washing.
  # COLOP2095099




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