Xtreme Pearlised Balls
Our Xtreme Pearlised Smart Balls are made of Urethane and glows in their own colour under black light. Available in the following weights and colour: 6 lb. lime, 7 lb. pink, 8 lb. peach, 9 lb. lavender, 10 lb. red, 11 lb. Sky Blue, 12 lb. Green, 13 lb. Lemon, 14 lb. Tangerine, 15 lb. Purple, 16 lb. Blue.

Part number: 033781xxxC

2 year warranty

Smart ball fitting ball with stand

SMART BALL SYSTEM gives your bowlers a ball that fits perfectly in seconds. With AMF's fitting ball and the easy-to-use-colour-coded chart, any bowler can find the right ball in no time. This means less time fitting and more time bowling. All of which adds up to greater profitability for your bowling centre.


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