QubicaAMF is recognized as the world's leading manufacturer of high quality, incredibly durable and extremely attractive bowling pins. The Amflite II continues to shatter all the tournament records. The Amflite Pinnacle is the peak of perfection in pin production. QubicaAMF's coloured Pins get more vibrant and creative every year, and their Trophy Pins are a pleasure to behold. QubicaAMF's pins are widely known as the industry leaders in scoring and durability.


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QubicaAMF provides the most colorful pins in the business. Bowlers like the excitement and diversity, and proprietors appreciate the traditional durability that QubicaAMF Colored Pins are noted for. They’re perfect for Xtreme bowling, since they glow in the dark. QubicaAMF Colored Pins provide one of the easiest, most effective marketing opportunities available to your center.


Made in the USA from the finest grade of hard maple, 100% kiln dried in-house, the AMFLite II is the most durable and highest scoring pin in the business. It’s patented lock-in nylon base stays in place for the life of the pin. Compression molding using a superior grade of Surlyn, allows a thinner coating and large core, which results in better scoring and fewer neck fractures. QubicaAMF’s customized topcoating process offers better performance in all machines, improved appearance, and a longer lasting pin. The AMFLite II has established standards that remain the highest in the industry, and the manufacturer’s warranty guarantees complete customer satisfaction.
Part number:
031480231 (glow)
031480389 (non glow pin only available by special ordre).


QubicaAMF's newest pin, the AMFlite Pinnacle, was engineered based upon the industry's best-selling pin, the AMFlite II, and then enhanced with a 50 percent increase in Surlyn® thickness in the ball impact area to reduce core compression and extend pin life. The pin features a specially formulated lock-in black base to reduce pin sliding, and is manufactured from clear, straight grain white maple. The AMFlite Pinnacle is such a revolutionary product that QubicaAMF is offering a two-year or 10,000 game warranty Only available by special ordre
Part number:
031480220 (glow)
031480221 (non glow white)
031480222 (silver).


QubicaAMF’s Trophy Pins are a unique prize that carry more impact than a traditional bowling trophy and are an interesting conversation piece wherever they’re displayed. Available clear or colored, trophy pins are an excellent promotional opportunity when customized with your center’s or sponsor’s name and corporate logo.
Part number: 031480120


Birthday bowling is one of the fastest growing promotions in the industry. Make your bowler’s birthday a day to remember! Present the guest of honor with a special Birthday Pin from QubicaAMF, and turn today’s young bowlers into tomorrow’s customers. Our all new multi-color birthday pin is sure to excite and be a keepsake any child will cherish for years to come. Or, choose our entry level birthday pin. Made from a refurbished core and recoated in Surlyn with a onecolor logo, we have a pin to fit every price range.
Part number: 031480224


QubicaAMF provides the most colourful pins in the business. Bowlers like the excitement and diversity, and proprietors appreciate the traditional durability, that QubicaAMF X-Treme Coloured pins are noted for. They are perfect for one of the hotest promotions in the bowling industry, Xtreme Bowling, they glow in the dark. Ask your QubicaAMF representative about the many different ways coloured pins can be used to increase your bottom line. QubicaAMF X-Treme Coloured pins provides one of the easiest, most effective marketing opportunities available for your centre. Colours :
Magenta Part number: 031480232
Green Part number: 031480234
Yellow Part number: 031480235
Orange Part number: 031480236


Have a special logo you want to display in your center or give to special guests? There’s no better way to do this than with custom logo pins.


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